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What does V3CTOR specialize in?

Our company specializes in acquiring, improving, and scaling cybersecurity software companies that deliver essential services, focusing on creating long-term value and growth.

What types of companies are you interested in acquiring?

We are interested in acquiring all types of vertical software businesses, particularly those offering mission-critical services to their clients in North America, with annual revenues ranging from $5M to $10M.

What is V3CTOR's investment approach?

We seek 100% or majority ownership in the companies we invest in, aiming to guide at the board level while supporting independent management to ensure strategic oversight and operational autonomy.

Do you plan to sell the businesses you acquire?

No, our strategy is to hold the businesses we acquire indefinitely, making every decision with a long-term view in mind, focusing on empowering our leaders to grow their businesses and continue building their legacies.

How long does the acquisition process typically take?

From the initial intro call to the closing purchase agreement, the process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months, depending on the due diligence findings and negotiation details.

Can companies in need of growth support but not looking for a full acquisition engage with you?

While our primary focus is on acquiring companies that have the potential for immediate profitability, we are open to discussing partnerships or strategic investments that align with our goals and expertise.

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V3CTOR is a Canadian-based acquisition firm focused on finding and growing companies businesses.